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Albany : NY : USA | Dec 03, 2013 at 1:13 AM PST


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Albany, New York, The Real story is these two men Jennings and McCoy can't stand each other.


McCoy and Jennings though out their respective political careers Jennings and McCoy have made screwing you're buddy a fine art .
Dan McCoy appointed to the county legislature by the request of Mayor Jennings to Majority Leader Frank Commiso, McCoy has never had a political opponent in a election, you might see that in 2011 McCoy made a deal with Thomas Marrcell the republican Minority counsel and Richard Stack, conservative party chairman and Mayor jennings to exclude any and all democrats and republicans and conservatives from the ballot so McCoy could run opposed also
McCoy with the Direct help of Jennings became county Chairman and county executive
" Jennings thought he could control the sidewinder Dan McCoy" .
"Jennings thought wrong"
When Jerry Jennings was running for mayor last time around against Corey Ellis,,,, McCoy did nothing for Jennings , my boy Jerry never forgot that.
How did McCoy become county executive you ask, I told McCoy that Breslin was weakened by the numerous Albany county nursing home scandals and Breslin could be forced out and the numerous overrides to Breslins veto's led by Albany county Legislator Brian Scavo , who fought Breslin over the closing of the Albany county nursing home and 50% proposed tax increase and 3% sales tax increase and defeated him on all these issues and did all of this on television and radio while my gutless fellow democrats just stood back in fear of the Breslin, Jennings machine.
The Simple fact is Dan McCoy is running scared as well he should be scandal after scandal and failure to close the the Albany county nursing home and his battles with the county Legislature has left him weakened and McCoy ironically who pushed out Breslin on the nursing home issue, the Breslin clan wants payback , McCoy has adopted a republican conservative agenda, but still every year McCoy has raised taxes and as county chairman of the county legislature was the first in New York state to override the Governor,s tax cap ,
let's face it McCoy is considered by the liberal elite to be a one term county executive as of now only Legislator Tim Nichols is considering challenging McCoy in 2015 am sure there will be many more candidates and the first time in Dan McCoy's political career he will have an opponent.
The relationship between the county's two top elected Democrats has been, at best, complicated, LOL.
Behind the scenes, Jennings was said to have been searching determinedly in 2011 for a candidate to challenge McCoy, who had quickly risen from relative obscurity as one of 39 county lawmakers to a pair of powerful seats as the head of the county's Democratic Party and chairman of the Legislature.
McCoy's ascent to party chief, with Jennings' blessing, was seen as a compromise among warring urban and suburban factions of the party. But over the last two years, the two have often chafed — if not publicly feuded – on issues large and small. But McCoy said the fundraiser — with tickets priced at $250, $500 and $1,000 — is Jennings' way of acknowledging their cooperation.
"He just wanted to help me out and say thanks for all of these years working together," said McCoy, who worked on Jennings' initial 1993 mayoral campaign. "I appreciate him and his 20 years."
Of course, there may be another force at play here. Jennings is departing without having left behind an obvious successor and with the progressive faction of the Democratic Party with which he often sparred sweeping the mayor's and treasurer's races and having numerous allies in the other citywide offices and on the Common Council a year after picking up an Assembly seat.


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LegislatorBrianScavo is based in Albany, New York, United States of America, and is a Stringer for Allvoices.

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Saturday, November 2, 2013

3rd Challenge To Albany Cyberbullying Law ,,, Brian Scavo

Hon. Brian Scavo expert on web and school bullying


3rd Challenge To Albany Cyberbullying Law

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Cyberbullying is on the rise locally and nationally - many parents have lost young teens who chose to end their lives rather than face constant harassment on social media. But Albany County's groundbreaking law against Cyberbullying is being hauled before an appellate court, for a third time.
Albany County Executive Dan McCoy feels most parents fail to understand the extent to which the internet is woven into their children's lives. McCoy vows Local Law "F" will be vigorously defended as it heads back to the New York Court of Appeals where its constitutionality will be argued.  
Former Albany County Legislator Brian Scavo introduced the legislation that later became the law.
Scavo and McCoy cite recent events in Florida, where a 14-year-old has been charged with stalking after a 12-year-old was bullied and committed suicide. There have also been cases involving suspected cyberbullying closer to home in places like East Greenbush, Rotterdam and Ravena.
Albany's cyberbullying law led to the 2011 arrest of a Cohoes youngster who McCoy says created a Facebook page that targeted other children.
The minor in the Cohoes case pleaded guilty to one of 10 misdemeanors.  New York State enacted the Dignity for All Students Act in 2012, requiring schools to create policies to address cyberbullying both on and off school property.
cyber bullying                     

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Albany County passes stronger cyberbullying law

Posted: Nov 08, 2010 10:54 PM EST
ALBANY, N.Y. -- Albany County now has a strong anti-cyberbullying law on the books.   


The county legislature voted Monday night to approve the law, which makes cyberbullying a misdemeanor punishable by a $1,000 fine or a year in jail. It includes all forms of electronic harassment, including texting and phone spoofing, as well.
The law's wording, which had been held up in committee, was recently strengthened so that those who are intent on hurting someone else will now be held accountable.
"We don't want to encourage overuse of this by people who have an axe to grind," legislator Phil Steck said Monday. "We want to really get to something that is serious and done for a malicious purpose."
Legislator Brian Scavo said, "We need to protect our children, women and families from people who abuse the internet."
It is hoped the county's cyberbullying law will eventually become a statewide law.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013



atm albany
Albany , New York, former Albany county legislator Brian Scavo said" Use that 150,000 dollars surplus to ease the burden on the Albany county tax payers as far as closing the nursing home the chairman and the majority leader will not let that happen.


Scavo went on to say " If Dan McCoy made the cuts in the budget and trimmed the fat off the nursing home and didn't go on a hiring spree of over 150 employee's which included hiring investigators to spy on the Albany county nursing home protesters we in Albany county would be in better fiscal shape ,
mismanagement and lack of planing have caused this tax increase.
Dan McCoy did call me and invite me to the movies but i told him i wanted to save 15 dollars and watch tv.
see McCoy's statement below


The budget, which has a surplus, would raise property taxes by $15 a year for the average $200,000 home. The tax rate would go up 1.6 percent, under the state's 2 percent tax cap for the first time and the lowest rate in five years, accodring to the budget.
"That's like you and a friend going to the movies one day out of the year. That's what this tax increase amounts to," McCoy said.
"It doesn't sound like a lot of money, but it's a step in the right direction." McCoy said. but Dan it's not you're money.
County Executive Dan McCoy on Tuesday released his 2014 budget plan that raises taxes by less than in previous years and eliminates funding for the county nursing home in the second-half of the year.
The budget, which has a surplus, would raise property taxes by $15 a year for the average $200,000 home. The tax rate would go up 1.6 percent, under the state's 2 percent tax cap for the first time and the lowest rate in five years, accodring to the budget.
"That's like you and a friend going to the movies one day out of the year. That's what this tax increase amounts to," McCoy said.
The $574 million plan calls for funding the nursing home for the first half of the year.
According to the plan, $16.6 million would go toward nursing home spending in 2014, down $33.6 million in the adjusted 2013 budget. By June 30, the plan would be for the nursing home to be turned over to a local development corporation approved by theAlbany County Legislature but yet to be created.
Last year, McCoy proposed turning over operations of the nursing home — which he said has been hemorrhaging $1 million per month — to Upstate Services Group, LLC, an administrative and operational support company for skilled nursing facilities. But lawmakers have refused to vote on that plan.
In July, the Legislature approved creating an LDC to take over operations.
The proposed 2014 budget does provide good news for the county's bottom line in the way of $150,000 surplus to be added to the general fund balance. The projected fund balance would rise to $27,500,906.
"It doesn't sound like a lot of money, but it's a step in the right direction." McCoy said.


LegislatorBrianScavo is based in Albany, New York, United States of America, and is a Stringer for Allvoices.
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Thursday, August 8, 2013


Albany New York, Scott Mannarino has won his victory in new york state supreme court to regain the democratic ballot line in the sept 10 DEMOCRATIC primary.


Mannarino considered to be the front runner in the race for Albany Common council 1st ward

Mannarino said today " I look forward to representing my fellow democrats in the sept 10th democratic primary,


i am honored to be back on the democratic ballot line and I will fight, for the people of the 1st ward and the city of Albany"
Mannarino’s attorney, former Congressman John Sweeney, said one of the key issues was that board’s position that parts of Mannarino’s petitions were incomprehensible was flawed because that’s a subjective judgment and”incomprehensible is not a standard in law,” Sweeney said.
In court papers, Sweeney argued the purported misspellings were actually just quirks of Mannarino’s handwriting and that because Mannarino was circulating the petitions himself, it was never in question for whom voters were signing.

Mannarino also expressed his thanks to Hon. John Sweeney who represented him in supreme court.
BRISCA5@AOL.COM 518-4658915

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LegislatorBrianScavo is based in Albany, New York, United States of America, 

Friday, July 19, 2013



Albany, New York , Brian Scavo filed an article 78 in New York State Supreme court  against David Soares,  Supreme Court Justice Thomas McNamara will be presiding.   This case will be conferenced in august 2013. 


Brian Scavo is demanding that Patrick Mason be prosecuted for the multiple felonies that Patrick Mason  committed, 
This was an extortion attempt by two ex-tenants to extort monies from Legislator Brian Scavo in 2010 

 Hon. Brian Scavo falsely accused and  with charges dismissed by the district attorneys office, 

Brian Scavo proven innocent  beyond a shadow of doubt  now seeks justice

Hon. Brian Scavo said " It is a great honor to conference this case with supreme court justice Thomas McNamara and District Attorney David Soares and it my sincere hope that Patrick Mason will be brought to justice . The people have right to know the real truth"

Brian Scavo Cleared by notary Karen Brown{who notarized the document } who also was a member of the board of directors on the legal aid society with David Soares and two witness and two FBI REPORTS that totally vindicated  Albany county Legislator Brian Scavo.

Hon. Brian Scavo victim of blind justice or political payback. ?


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hon. BRIAN SCAVO FILES ARTICLE 78 Hon. Brian Scavo vs David Soares


Albany : NY : USA | Jun 13, 2013 at 4:30 PM PDT


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www.brianscavo.com www.brianscavo.com
Albany, New York , Hon Brian Scavo has filed an article 78 against the Albany county District attorney , Hon. Brian Scavo falsely accused of Forgery in 2010 was cleared and proven innocent by two FBI trained forensic handwriting experts and the FBI,
Blocked by city hall from getting justice Hon. Brian Scavo personally filed an Article 78 demanding justice that Patrick Mason be brought to justice, Mason who filed a false instrument against legislator Brian Scavo in 2010, this action commenced in 2011 and was dismissed. The Albany police faced with overwhelming evidence of Hon. Brian Scavo's innocence still tried to build a case going back and forth to interview Robert Allen a 3 time convicted felon in prison, Patrick Mason fled the country . A high ranking Albany police official told Hon. Brian Scavo this all "bull crap" but this is just pure dirty politic's and his hands were tied.
This was out and out extortion , Legislator Brian Scavo would not succumb to blackmail by these two criminals . Brian Scavo went on to say" i am thankful to David Soares for investigating this false action and demanding this false action of forgery be dismissed. Today I am demanding that justice be served,,,, This Legal action was purposely held for one year for political purposes by a former chief and a soon to be a former mayor, Patrick Mason and his cohort Robert Allen tried to extort $3000 dollars from legislator Brian Scavo saying" they would make it go away for $3000 this will effect you're election", Robert Allen bragged about talking to the chief and the mayor at the Albany golf course bar about this action . This false legal action was timed to interfere with Brian Scavo's reelection.
Dear friends
I was falsely accused and this story did not talk about the notary Karen Brown and the two witness that saw Patrick Mason sign the document in question or threats I received from the chief of detectives, or how the da’s office had to force the Albany police to interview witness’s at judge Duncan’s request, two FBI trained forensic handwriting experts examined this affidavit in question and deemed it was Patrick Mason’s signature also there is no mention of Robert Allen now a 4 time convicted felon who pulled a gun on Legislator Scavo who demanded $3000 dollars in extortion money ” to make this go away” Brian Scavo refused to pay,there was a police report filed on the gun issue with Robert Allen and his co-hort Patrick Mason fled the country to Korea. Last i heard of Robert Allen he was out of Albany county jail and in NYS PRISON.
There are a total of 5 felonies that Mason has committed,foolishly Chris Horn just does not have the proper facts i will school him unfortunately my friend David Soares people are trying hard to cover up this political setup perpetrated by city hall and should have refused to prosecute, this case had no merit from the beginning, like what they did for the occupy Albany people , oh yes that’s the other article 78 mine is the second article 78 the other that has been filed by Judge Carter. How about some respect and justice folks,
God Bless you All.
Sincerely your'es
Hon.Brian Scavo


LegislatorBrianScavo is based in Albany, New York, United States of America,